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Anti-scratch invisible protection with liquid glass technology

  • Easy application: Liquiskin protection is applied as a liquid on any device, not only on the screen but also on the back and sides on any material: glass, plastic, metal.
  • Ultra thin invisible protection: Very thin invisible protection: The ultra-thin glass layer is 500 times thinner than a human hair and does not affect the look , feel, and functions of your device.
  • Better protection than any traditional film.

Suitable for all your devices:

Suitable for all your devices:

Smartphone, TVs, monitors, tablets, e-Book readers, notebooks, video games console, GPS, cameras, watch, smart e fitness watches, glasses, lenses, laboratory equipment and optics and more.

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LIQUISKIN protects your device up to a year

360° complete protection: front, sides and back

The ultra-thin protection becomes part of the screen and other treated parts of the device. It wears off very slowly during use. A very thin protective layer of only 0,0004 mm needs to be re-applied over 12 months to guarantee a protected surface.

Easy application

1 Pre-Cleaning

Deep clean the surface with the pre-clean wipe (1) then after 30 seconds buff it with a micro-fibre tissue. Please use the microfiber cloth to move the cleaned phone.
The cleaned surface should not be touched with the fingers (a fingerprint can be 100 times thicker than the coating and would remain underneath the coated layer).

2 Application

Apply the protection to the surface simply by rubbing with the enclosed coating wipe (2). Ensure full coverage of the surface and continue to wipe until the tissue is dry.


3 Drying

Allow the surface to dry for a minimum of 5 minutes then buff very softly with a micro-fibre tissue. Do not press too hard while buffing to avoid taking off the applied coating.

4 Wait for the fixation!

Ideally the coating should be allowed to bond for 10 hours, light usage is possible after 1 hr.

100% Invisible Protection

Reduction of radiations up to 90%

Tests carried out by independent laboratories prove that Liquiskin acts as a protective shield reducing harmful radiations (EMF) from 80% to 90% depending on the device.

More than an year duration

Il liquido di protezione del display diventa letteralmente parte dello schermo originale e molto lentamente svanisce con l’utilizzo del dispositivo nel corso del tempo. Lo strato ultra sottile di soli 0,0004 millimetri dovrà essere riapplicato dopo 1 anno.

Compatibilità 3D Touch

La nostra protezione dello schermo non inibisce il touch dello schermo in alcun modo, in quanto crea un sottilissimo rivestimento completamente invisibile sulla parte superiore della schermata originale.

Migliora lo Schermo

Le piccole nanoparticelle rendono liscia la superficie di vetro; permettendo alla luce di viaggiare in linea diritta invece di essere frammentata in tutte le direzioni. Questo rende i colori molto più brillanti e più chiari rispetto a prima.

Millions sold worldwide

The Liquiskin package contains: one cleaning wipe for pre-cleaning, one Liquiskin wipe for the protection of surfaces up to 1 square meter, one microfiber cloth.

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